How to Avoid Chronic Back and Hip Pain

The Back and Hip Pain

Back and hip pain can be so debilitating that it can bring the most stoic to tears. Even minor lower back pain can make it impossible for you to sit or stand comfortably for any extended amount of time. While there are many prescriptions that issued each year to lessen the symptoms it still leaves the sufferer to wonder how to get rid of back painback pain Bainbridge Island instead of masking the symptoms.

There are basically two types of back and hip pain. Acute back pain which is a result of a strain or injury is the most common form and usually lasts a period of a few days to a few weeks. Chronic back and hip pain is any pain that lasts longer than three months and fortunately is uncommon. Acute back and hip pain is usually characterized by dull aches or debilitating spasms that are intense and painful.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is most common especially in an active and aging population. Often lower back pain is caused from lifting improperly because we tend to lift with our backs and not with our stronger leg muscles. Here are some things to do to take care of your lower back:

  • Bend at knees and not at waist
  • Maintain good posture
  • Take frequent breaks and change positions

How to Get Rid of Back Pain

lower back pain Bainbridge IslandLearn how to get rid of back pain by listening to your body and giving it ample opportunity to rest supported. That might mean visiting a chiropractor  or even investing in a new mattress, lowering the intensity of your exercise routine and focusing on strengthening the weaker more troublesome muscles. Perhaps it means starting a regular exercise routine that you may have been neglecting.

It is easier to push away from that cliff of pain then to pull you back over the edge. Regular chiropractic check ups are a good way to prevent the pain from turning into something more chronic. A good chiropractic routine will help keep your tail wagging and your head on straight!

If your back continues to bother you for more than 24 hours or the pain is too intense to sit or stand for any period of time it is time to seek out a professional. Getting rid of back and hip pain may be a slow process of making adjustments to routines or incorporating new ones. Lower back pain, if not addressed properly can turn to chronic back pain. Pay attention to the signs, get moving, and see your health care professional to learn how to get rid of back pain.