Dr Grams’ Strategy for Health

Customized Healing Plan for You

Dr. Chris Grams

When you visit Dr Grams, she works with you to create a customized healing plan designed specifically for you. She considers the whole person, including your family, work, environment, activities, diet and exercise, emotional and stress factors and more. Every patient is unique, which is why one-size-fits-all treatment plans often fail. Dr. Chris draws from a sophisticated range of tools to design a specialized treatment plan just for you. These tools include traditional chiropractic clinic procedures like spinal adjustments and joint manipulation, cranial sacral techniques, as well as rehabilitation exercises, nutritional and massage.

By integrating the best tools from chiropractic, neurology and holistic medicine, Dr. Grams has achieved great success with a range of ailments by bringing the right healing modalities at the right time. Her methods support your body’s innate intelligence to heal and to operate at its best.

Healing is Learning

Bainbridge Island Chiropractic

Dr Grams believes that healing in itself is an educational process. Dr. Chris helps you understand how and why to do the appropriate care in order to promote healing to take place. Yes, it is possible to accelerate your recovery of any condition as long as you truly understand that it does take time to heal. Dr Chris recognizes that patients, who heal the fastest and best, are the ones that are well informed about their bodies and themselves. With this in mind, she adheres to the following principles:

* Patients must recognize that they are in pain or that their body is not functioning properly.

*Patients need to understand the purpose of their care and it’s effects on their body.

* Patients need insight into their bodies ability to heal.

During this relationship, patients often develop a new vision and insight as to how their choices affect their life. They find themselves interested in applying simple techniques, exercise activities and behavioral changes into their lifestyle. These changes in habits can even begin to feel routine.

There are many chiropractic clinics who profess to have the latest and greatest skill and techniques; the next “Big Thing” to get you better.  There are only a few of these that fit Dr. Chris’ criteria for benefiting your health and enhancing your lifestyle. She will offer her advice so that you can make the best decision for your health and life.